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Tips to Dominate Your Blogging Niche

One of the blogging tips you have most probably heard about before is to choose a niche. However, the niche is just a first of a series of steps to becoming that authority blogger. No single profitable niche has less competition. As long as there is no competition it means there’s no returns hence not worth your time.

Now that you are blogging for returns, go to the popular niches and dominate it. Here’s how.

  1. Create a unique identity for your blog

The first way to dominate your niche is by standing out. Have a unique approach to the common niche that is already attracting several writers. Some of the ways to stand out include doing longer posts. For example, instead of writing 10 tips to do an activity, you can opt for 100. This way you become more informative and also stay different from the other blogs.

  1. Engage the audience

Anytime you look for information about blogging you are likely to hear about engaging your audience. That you have to reply to their comments no matter how busy or simple they might seem. This is always stated as more necessary when starting the blog.

Now that everyone else might be doing it, you wonder how it sets you apart. Well, the replies and interacting with the audience allows you to use your writing voice. This is unique from the other bloggers.

  1. Invest in a responsive website

If you are looking to dominate your niche then you have to go past the content. Your website must also set you up as an authority within the niche. Talk to Green Thoughts consulting on how best to design your blog such that it mobile and web friendly.

The blog should also load fast; less than a second is ideal. Given the multiple options, most site visitors are not willing to wait for long before the page loads. When yours loads faster you have won the preliminary battle already.

  1. Go big on guest posting

The other way to become an authority in your niche is by guest posting frequently. This opens you up to networking opportunities with other bloggers and attracts new followers.

The quality of the guest posting also matters. When you guests post in authority sites you become an authority yourself. Therefore, look out for the already established sites within your niche for possible partnerships through guest posting.

  1. Stay consistent

All of the above tips on building a dominant blog is nonsense if you cannot stay consistent. Irrespective 9f the niche you pick, you have to put in the work before you can think about becoming an authority. The competition in the blogging world is massive. You have to keep up with the industry trends and keep producing top quality content.

Consistency also helps you build trust with the followers. Once the followers understand they can depend on you for frequent content, they will repay with frequent readership hence becoming dominant.

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